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How To Get Involved InSecond Hand September

How To Get Involved In Second Hand September

September is here and it means only one thing – Second Hand September, 30 days of celebrating circular fashion and second-hand fashion. A campaign by Oxfam, this month encourages us all to take the pledge to buy only second-hand clothing for 30 days and to shop in a greener light, all helping to reduce our … Read more

Can fashion ever be sustainable?

Can Fast Fashion Ever Be Sustainable?

The fashion industry accounts for 10% of all global carbon emissions and whilst there has been conversation around the fashion industry becoming more sustainable as we get closer and closer to yearly targets not being met, it’s important to evaluate if the fashion industry can ever become truly sustainable.  High Demand The main issue with … Read more

4 Ways To Reduce Your Fashion Footprint

4 Ways To Reduce Your Fashion Footprint

Reducing your fashion footprint is something we should all be aiming to do. Take one look at the news and we are constantly reminded about the real damage the fashion industry has on our environment, it can’t go un-missed. So what can we do to help reduce our own fashion footprint? Let’s find out.  Evaluate … Read more

How Can You Reduce Plastic In Your Wardrobe?

How Can You Reduce Plastic In Your Wardrobe?

In honour of July being plastic free month today we wanted to shine the light on plastic within our wardrobes and learn how it impacts our environment. Whilst our textiles might not be the first thing we think of when it comes to reducing our plastic waste, the shocking reality is that the production of … Read more


What Happens To The Clothes You Recycle? Where Do They Go?

Where does your recycled clothing go after it has been collected? It’s a question you may have wondered and today we are here to answer it. Our journey has always been about providing those who are in need of clothing with it and so in short, once your clothing is collected your items will be … Read more

Tackling Clothing Poverty

Tackling Clothing Poverty: Summer Cleanout

This week is national clothing poverty week and in honour of it, we wanted to share some facts on how clothing poverty affects the UK and the rest of the world. The fact is there is very little information on this topic and it goes undocumented and unreported on the news. However here and Collect … Read more


Where Can I Recycle Clothes In Liverpool?

Recycling clothing in Liverpool has never been easier, so if you have found yourself searching for this very question on Google, then you have arrived in the correct place. Here at Collect My Clothes we specialise in clothing recycling and aim to help our partner charities raise additional funds through clothes recycling. We have selected a range … Read more

5 Ways To Make Your Business Greener

5 Ways To Make Your Business Greener

Whilst we may ask ourselves the question ‘What can I do to help the environment?’ It’s just as important to ask our businesses and organisations what they are doing to help the world a greener place. The great news is that many companies are now transitioning into a more sustainable way of doing business and … Read more

How Cleaning Has A Positive Effect On Your Mental Health

How Cleaning Has A Positive Effect On Your Mental Health

We are huge supporters of raising awareness around Mental Health here at Collect My Clothes and with this month being Mental Health Awareness Month, now has never been a more important time to talk about the different elements that affect our Mental Health.  In a 2011 study, researchers at Princeton University in America concluded that … Read more

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