4 Steps To Hosting A Clothes Swap Party This Summer

Clothes swap parties are a new favourite amongst recycling savvy friends and during the summer months we are always looking for new ways to hang out with our friends. So why not give a clothes swap a try? If you haven’t heard of a clothes swap party then here’s how it works.

Step 1: Find a suitable place to host the party. Make sure you have room for the number of guests who will be attending the party. Does everyone have space to showcase their clothes? Can you host the party outside and make use of the summer weather?

Step 2: Make sure everyone knows what items are suitable to bring e.g. items in good condition and with plenty of wear left in them. Ensure that people have something to display their clothes on e.g. a clothing rail/hangers so that people can get a good view of the clothes. Maybe a table might work well to showcase smaller items.

Step 3: Mirrors! Nobody wants to take items home and realise they don’t quite fit how they imagined. Mirrors are key at clothes swap parties to give everyone the opportunity to really see how their new item of clothing will look.

Step 4: Decide what you’re going to do with any leftover items. Are you going to donate them to charity? Could you arrange a collection with your local recycling company? The options are endless. Clothes swap parties are a great chance to recycle your old clothes but also get some new treasures too. Here’s to clothes swapping this summer!

Want to recycle your unwanted clothing? To get involved, follow our three-step process by clicking here.