Summer Fun Activities For Families To Enjoy

Summer Fun Activities For Families To Enjoy

With the school summer holidays in full flow, it’s beginning to reach the point where most of our plans have been completed and so it’s at this point we start to run out of ways to keep the children entertained. However, luckily for you we’ve done the hard work and come up with our top four activities for all families to take part in this August. Read below.

Try Gardening

If you’re looking for a therapeutic activity spending some time in your garden or local park is a perfect option. In fact, getting your hands dirty by taking up a spot of gardening such as planting trees, and flowers, mowing the grass or making a bug hotel is guaranteed to keep everyone busy. 

Not only that but planting trees is a great way to help our environment. 

Have A Family Cleanout

It might be a summer holidays but that doesn’t mean the end of chores. It’s more than likely there is still washing to be done, still floors to be mopped and still rooms to be cleaned up. Cleaning up can be fun if done quickly and effectively. Why not set a timer, divide the rooms between each family member and tackle it head-on? 

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Try Renting

There are now so many different items available to rent, from fun clothing to bikes and cars. Renting can be a super fun way to inject something different into your everyday routine. Maybe you usually drive the car to the beach but want to change it up and rent a bike to get you there instead?

Renting is also a super sustainable way to live our everyday lives, dramatically cutting waist down and preventing us from buying something once and never using it again. So take to google and search for renting services in your local area.

Make Home-Made Art

From paintbrushes to stamps when you set up a homemade art activity it requires everybody to think outside the box. What can you use to paint instead of a paintbrush? The answer might be an old toothbrush. There are so many alternatives to being crafty in a more sustainable friendly way. 

Or how about building a bird box out of old wooden sticks? There are an unlimited amount of crafts ready to be made when we think outside the box. 

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