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We’ve answered some of your most frequently asked questions to help you with your clothes collection journey.

How does Collect My Clothes work?

We collect your unwanted clothes from your chosen location and make sure that they’re ethically recycled or reused, with most being sent to Africa or Eastern Europe to provide people with affordable clothing. For every ton of clothes collected, we will send a minimum of £200 to one of our five partner charities (which you get to choose!). Learn more about how we work.

Do my clothes need to be put in a bag?

Yes – your clothes must be in a clean bag. If you’re leaving your clothes outside for us to collect, make sure that the bag is waterproof!

What clothes do you accept?

We accept all sorts of everyday clothes, as long as they’re in a re-wearable condition. This includes shirts, jumpers, t-shirts, coats, jumpsuits, dresses, skirts, jeans, trousers etc. We even collect toys! Learn more about what we do and don’t accept.

Do you accept baby clothes?

Yes! We accept clothing for babies and children, as long as they’re in a re-wearable condition.

How can I book a collection?

You can book a collection using our easy online form. All you need to do is fill in some simple details, and we’ll be in touch to arrange a suitable collection time.

What happens if I am not at home?

If you’re not going to be at home, don’t worry! You can leave your clothes outside, or in an agreed safe location. We always leave a receipt so you’ll know that your clothes have been collected.

I’ve made a mistake, can I amend it?

Yes, as long as you let us know the day prior to your collection. One option is to tell us when we contact you to arrange your clothes collection. Alternatively, you can phone us on 0800 014 2412 and we’ll rectify the address for you.

What are the minimum number of bags I need to donate?

At present, you must have a minimum of 4 bags that need collecting. If you don’t have enough, it might be worth asking friends, family members or colleagues if they have any unwanted clothes, shoes or toys that need donating!

What areas do you pick up from?

80% of mainland UK is covered, please fill in the online request form to see if you’re eligible for a collection.

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