Top 4 Family Activities To Do This Jubilee Weekend

Top 4 Family Activities To Do This Jubilee Weekend

The Jubilee Weekend is here and it’s a time for us to make the most of the time spent with our friends and family. It can also be a time for you to get stuck into those tasks you’ve not had time to tick off your to-do list. 

1. Host a Jubilee Street Party 

What is the number one way to celebrate a long weekend we say a good old-fashioned British party? There is no better feeling than gathering all of your loved ones and enjoying a classic British afternoon tea. 

So why not set up your table get the British props out and about and enjoy an afternoon of great food great company and great drinks. 

2. Go On A Family Nature Walk

Why not take the whole family on a big Jubilee nature walk. Spend the weekend exploring your local area by walking or cycling. Both are so much better for our environment, rather than jumping in the car for your day out. 

Tip: You could even prepare a jubilee quiz and play it on your walk! 

3. Finish Your At Home To-Do List 

How long have you been putting off that house decluttering? For most of us, it’s one of the last things on our to-do list.

But having time off work could be the perfect time to get stuck in. We recently released a blog via our partner brand Roberts Recycling all about how decluttering can help mental health. You can take a read here.

Decluttering our wardrobe has shown positive benefits to our mental well-being. It has proven that after a wardrobe declutters we feel less stressed, and happier and gain a more positive outlook on life. Showing that simple tasks such as decluttering the home can have bigger impacts on us than we might think. 

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4. Get Crafty This Jubilee Weekend 

Why not jump into some Jubilee inspired crafts. A super fun and family appropriate way to make the most of the long weekend is to create a crafting table. Whether you fancy painting with some red, blue and white paint or designing your own Jubilee flags crafty is an entertaining and sustainable way to spend your free weekend. 

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