Recycle Your Unwanted Clothes This Christmas

Recycle Your Unwanted Clothes This Christmas

Christmas 2021 is quickly approaching and it’s at this time of year when we are all venturing into our wardrobes and begin the winter clean out. Christmas can also be a time of year where we over consumed with gifts for many of our loved ones and by buying one too many Christmas party outfits, as a result, we end up with a lot of ‘stuff’ in our homes. 

So this year why not think about how you can cut down and give back to those in need. 

Here at Collect My Clothes, we are partnered with a variety of different UK-based charities. And when you recycle with us each charity will benefit from the vital funds our scheme can help them raise. 

UK fashion shoppers spend about 3.5 billion on Christmas party clothing every year. Following on from that the harsh reality is that 1.7 million sequined items are binned after the Christmas party season yet in landfill will take 200 to 500 hundred years to break down. 

Why Not Try? 

So instead of adding more to this huge stat why not try some of the following festive fashion tips.

  1. Wear last year’s festive outfit
  2. Buy secondhand sequined pieces 
  3. Swap clothing with a friend 
  4. Use a renting service, where you wear the item once and simply return it
  5. Shop local. Choose an independent sustainable business

How To Donate? 

Whilst you plan your attire for your Christmas night out, you might come across some old outfits you want to depart with. In that case, we are here to help. You can donate your old clothing this Christmas in three simple. 

  1. Bag up your old clothing
  2. Request a collection 
  3. Select your charity 

Once collected your items will travel on to be recycled or reused ethically, with most being sent to Eastern Europe and Africa to provide people with affordable clothing. Your chosen charity will then receive a minimum of £200 per ton collected. 

Want to recycle your unwanted clothing? To get involved, follow our three-step process by clicking here.