How To Get Involved In Second Hand September

How To Get Involved InSecond Hand September

September is here and it means only one thing – Second Hand September, 30 days of celebrating circular fashion and second-hand fashion. A campaign by Oxfam, this month encourages us all to take the pledge to buy only second-hand clothing for 30 days and to shop in a greener light, all helping to reduce our textile impact on the environment. 

What is Second Hand September? 

You most likely have heard of Second Hand September, the campaign from Oxfam UK and this year the face of the campaign is Sienna Miller, who along with Oxfam is asking you to shop second-hand all month. In its 3rd year, the campaign has grown in success each year and continues to raise awareness around the harmful effects that fast fashion has on our planet. With Oxfam Press Officer, Harriet Hernando stating ‘People really embraced the campaign to wear second-hand and, in doing so, raised funds for Oxfam’s work beating poverty around the world.”

And on that note, here are four ways you can have a more green led fashion month.

Shop Vintage / Second Hand 

Purchasing second-hand or vintage clothing can allow you to have fun and be creative with your individual style. All over the UK, our High Streets are full of vintage and charity shops, the perfect place to find those hidden treasures. Reusing second-hand clothing means you can be sure that you are shopping circularly. 

Greenpeace UK states ‘if the fashion industry has the power to influence trends that it also has the power to play a positive role in protecting the planet. And brands such as Oxfam are leading the way in creating these changes and helping consumers to understand that changing the way we think about shopping is one way to tackle climate change.

Love Your Wardrobe 

The UK fashion industry is worth £26,000 billion, as stated by British Council, meaning it is the biggest industry in the UK. The average Brit owns 104 pieces of clothing, yet that doesn’t stop most consumers shopping for more. But, learning to love items in your current wardrobe will allow you to cut down on your buying habits and recognising what items you still love and learning how you can style them to create new looks is all part of the green fashion process. Use your imagination and think outside the box. 

Repair, Repair, Repair

As stated above, learning to love your current clothing is hugely important. So instead of throwing away damaged clothing why not try and fix them. Whether you do the DIY yourself or outsource it to someone who is an expert in the field repairing your damaged clothing can be an extremely satisfying process. 

Seasonally Organise Your Wardrobe 

A simple but effective way of staying on top of your buying habits. Why not try at the end of every season putting away some of your clothes in storage boxes and then getting them out again the next year. This simple process will surprise you by making you feel like you have ‘new’ clothing again after a little bit of a break from the items you might see every day.

If you are looking to give your unwanted clothing a new life, why not recycle your unwanted items with us here at Collect My Clothes. Our aim is to be the hassle-free, environmentally friendly way of donating your unwanted clothing. Your goods will be exported for re-wear and a fixed amount of money per kg will be donated to your chosen partner charity. 

So to get involved and follow our three-step process to recycle your textiles, click here.