How Does Recycling Reduce Greenhouse Gases?

How Does Recycling Reduce Greenhouse Gases?

Chances are if you’re familiar with the recycling industry you will have heard of greenhouse gases. It seems over the past 10 years the public has begun to wake up to this vital role in preventing climate change and perhaps the most interesting part of it all is seeing a younger generation tackle a global issue like never before.

From school strikes, events and discussions all across the world all of these efforts combined have helped to increase the noise around climate change.

This media frenzy has allowed many different industries to be recognised. And the recycling industry is one of them. The link between recycling and climate change is hugely powerful.

In fact, just last year it was estimated that recycling can save over 700 million tons in CO2 emissions every year.

So before we dive into the relationship between recycling and greenhouse gases. Let’s learn exactly what that term means.

What Does The Term ‘Greenhouse Gases’ Mean?

Simply put greenhouse gases are gases within the earth that trap heat. They absorb and emit radiant energy. Which then causes the greenhouse effect.

Examples of greenhouse gases are the following:

Carbon dioxide
Nitrous oxide
Water Vapor

How Does Recycling Reduce Greenhouse Gases?

Recycling our old items has been shown to drastically reduce carbon emissions, which is key in fighting climate change.

If we can use recycling techniques, such as using recycled materials/textiles, to make new products, then we reduce our energy consumption which leads to fewer greenhouse gases in the environment.

This process will cut out all the greenhouse gas emissions that arrive when using brand-new materials. And by doing it together, we can all ensure we are helping create a better planet for everyone to live on.

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