Does London Fashion Week Consider Sustainability?

Does London Fashion Week Consider Sustainability?

As we look towards London Fashion Week 2022, questions around the fashion industry in the UK and sustainability arise again. So how has London Fashion Week tacked sustainability over the years and what can we expect in 2022. Let’s get into it. 

2020 – LFW Swap Shop 

2020 saw the rise of rental fashion platforms and this craze encouraged the LFW board of committees to agree to the first-ever swap shop. Visitors were encouraged to visit the store and were there could swap items that had been donated by designers and celebrities. An in-person opportunity such as this encourages the idea that our clothing can have more than one home and just because you are personally done with the clothing doesn’t mean the lifespan of the item is over. 

Fashion Revolution At LFW 2022

This year Fashion Revolution will be taking on LFW with a showcase of trailblazing designers who feature collections that showcase alternatives to the waste and resource-heavy textile industry.

Fashion For The Future

Over the years we have seen many online campaigns supporting the move to a more environmental friendly take on the fashion industry. The most popular one that ran during a London Fashion Week was ‘Fashion For The Future’ by the brand Mother Of Pearl. The fashion for the future campaign was an online space open that encouraged conversation around reducing their environmental impact through fashion. 

Climate Activist 

Whilst the climate rallies are not exactly organised by the London Fashion Week Council themselves, the numerous amounts of climate activists we’ve begun to see at fashion shows across the world are worth talking about. Perhaps the most well-known group is the Extinction Rebellion called for the end of London Fashion Week, claiming it is a major contributor to climate change.

Activists continue to fight for numerous different changes within the industry such as the correct pay for workers, slower production of clothing, climate friendly fabrics and a cut back on fast fashion brands.

The reality is the fashion industry still has a long way to go. And London fashion week has a huge responsibility in generating these conversations.

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